Business Estate Planning

Business Estate planning , Protect and pass on your wealth!

You have probably worked hard to build your business, you want to make sure you protect your wealth and ensure it passes onto the right people.

For business assets (such as shares in a private Limited company) this does not happen automatically. If you don’t plan for what happens to your business assets when you die, your business could be exposed to inheritance tax and your shares maybe passed onto fellow directors without suitable compensation to your family.

As a business owner, you want to be sure that the right people will get your assets.

  • Business Owners
  • Public

"Company directors and small business owners need to plan more than the average person does"

Business Estate Planning - The Process


  1. A review of all your personal and business assets.
  2. Examine your inheritance tax position and possible reliefs.
  3. Define your estate planning objectives.
  4. Develop and agree your estate plan.
  5. Implement your estate planning.
  6. Annually review and revise your estate planning.


Tax Position
Estate Planning Objectives
Develop your Estate Plan
Implement Your Estate Plan
Review & Revise